I enjoy helping people. I believe that bookkeeping can help individuals and small business owners gain and retain control over their finances and move toward achieving their dreams and ambitions.
M. Sigesmund
We've been using Essential Bookkeeping over 10 years. The service we've received is always great, we don't have to wait for responses, they come quickly.   We own a tax firm and have 100s of clients; we are so confident in Essential Bookkeeping's ability we recommend them to all of our tax clients.    We know they will be treated well and the work is absolutely solid and accurate.  Bar none, Essential Bookkeeping is the best bookkeeping service we've found since our inception over 11 years ago.
R. Miller
Theresa is, in my opinion, the best in the business. I have worked with her for over ten years and can say with confidence that she is a true professional. It is with total trust that I refer all my clients to her for all their bookkeeping needs.
C. Lampel
Essential Bookkeeping has been the best bookkeeping and tax preparation service we have ever had. We just love Theresa and her attention to detail and caring focused attention to our needs.   We strongly recommend Essential Bookkeeping to any business owner looking for expert bookkeeping services!
M. Elkins

Theresa Rivera has been keeping track of my financial records for three corporations for the past several years.   Her accuracy, efficiency, and world class service is amazing.  Being a finance professional, I have referred literally dozens of my clients to Theresa for their bookkeeping needs.   I recall providing an FHA loan for a client of mine in which the home he was closing on was to be auctioned off by a certain date if the financing was not provided in time.   Two days prior to close the lender required the borrower’s business and personal tax returns to be completed as a condition to close the transaction.  I referred the client to Theresa who amazingly was able to provide profit & loss, and balance sheet for an entire year the by the following morning after they were requested.  The client was able to have his CPA complete both business and personal returns then walked them into the IRS building the next day by 4pm.   Theresa stayed up until 2 or 3 am to ensure they were done.   The closing was successful as a direct result of Theresa hard work.  She is truly amazing and sincerely cares about her clients.  I would gladly recommend her services to any of my clients, friends, and family.
D. Kassler
Essential Bookkeeping goes the extra miles helping, always professional, supporting and helping my business to grow.
J. Shaw
Theresa has been helping us keep our books in line since we opened our doors in 2011. She is polite and honest most importantly, but also very intuitive and efficient at her craft. She has done a great job keeping our books clean and organized despite our best efforts to sabotage her on the way.  Theresa is a great compliment to any business owner overwhelmed by the minutia of accounting and bookkeeping.